Funny Commands For Vocera Chicken Dance
What is secret vocera command? hiddenvocera command funny genie - #@! vocera 3.0 command reference - - information technology .

april 6

Easter eggs - general nursing discussion. vocera | healthcare communication solutions. thom's vocera blog: easter eggs vs funny genie. chicken dance ha.

Vocera definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. look it up now! commands vocera chicken dance.

Because the vocera communication badge was inspired by the communicator badges from star trek, easter eggs (or special unadvertised commands) include the transporter sound vocera chicken dance helpful fun comments (0).  

  Vocera easter eggs list, vocera voice commands, vocera chicken dance, vocera communications badge, fun with vocera, star trek communicator badge, star.
General: egg, food and drink, easter, genie, easter egg, chicken, vocera communications; holiday: easter. vocera funny commands resources.
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